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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Champion Of Euro 2012-SPAIN!

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Viva Espana!!!
I'm in the cloud nine right expected..spain for the win! *BIG GRIN*
Thanks for the beautiful game spain...ur slick passing style..arghh just perfect and accurate!

Luckily Vicente del bosque chose fabregas instead of torres for the line up because torres could easily been marked by the well known strong defender of Italy and u know torres couldnt played well if being marked rite,in 20m he will lost the ball.
Ramos and pique did excellent job as well!on ur face balotelli!haha and of coz casillas!ur punching style are superb although it is better for u to catch the gave me heart attack everytime u punched because the opponent can take advantage of the punching ball u know if it is in ur hand they just back off.

                                              MY TWO FAVOURITE GOALKEEPER

The 1st goal was phenomenol...perfect cross and heading from Fabregas and Silva.Even Buffon himself thought it was a beautiful goal as i caught him clapped and nodded his head after the goal!hahaha..gotcha~Assist from Xavi leads to 2nd goal as he found jordi alba to slot home defeated the legend which i admire Buffon!3rd goal from Torres and 4th from the subs Mata.The unselfishness of Torres, passed the ball to Mata although frm my view he could easily fired the ball straight to the goal post...Gahh i like spain team work!

I think Xavi is the man of the match of this game!!!He and iniesta outshined the legend Pirlo in the midfield.

Most importantly..Spain won this without their key players Villa and Puyol!!!Can u imagine if these two on the field!

Patiently wait for World Cup (Brazil) in 2014 (^_^)